Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sheds for living: new look

Our look at Sheds for living (from FKDA) was one of our most popular posts last year (here for the story) and now they've relaunched their new site (well, they're still tweaking it a little). There are two models, the Big Shed (6.7 x 3.5m) and the one which is more likely to be of interest to potential shedworkers, the Little Shed (4.9 x 2.65m) which is designed to have an internal space similar to a small caravan but the feel and structure of a small house: one option I particularly like the sound of is a real wood burning fireplace. And as we said last time, it's got ecofriendliness written all over it, with a zero carbon status potential. Well worth a browse.
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1 comment:

  1. I love it. It's really nice to come across a shed with a unique aesthetic too. It helps me imagine other ways of putting 4 walls and a roof together.

    This one actually reminds me of the houses at Sea Ranch, except it's much nicer :-) ( )