Wednesday, May 20, 2009

John Bocook: mobile shedworker

We're witnessing a lot of interest in tiny house living at the moment and I wonder if the time has come too for mobile shedworking to take a leap forward. Here is John Bocook's set-up, above and below, and here's what he says about his shedworking life:
"When someone tells you they work from a van, I bet you think plumber or cable installer. I am a media designer (web designing, video, photography). I love to be outdoors and enjoy working remotely as I travel a lot. One of the benefits of working for yourself i guess. Today I come to you from a van. I am on my laptop in a beautifully constructed 1992 astrovan. There are shed workers - I believe we can take it one step farther. Who says you have to be confined to an office? I have a power charger and a verizon internet card of my laptop and can spend 8-10 hours here enjoying whatever countryside I decide to work from."
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