Monday, May 05, 2008


Every year Grand Designs Live always provides interesting shedlike structures and this year among the exhibitors was the descriptively-named Clear Glass Structures. In a direct evolutionary line from Philip Johnson's Glass House and the Farnsworth House built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Essex-based company's GlassPod comes in square and rectangular models in three sizes, is double glazed (you'd hope so really wouldn't you), LED floor lights, and has a green roof. Options include opaque glass for an element of privacy. Each modular-constructed Glasspod takes three days to build. It's greenhouseworking at its finest.


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    how much would it cost to build approximately?

  2. Greg M9:17 PM

    Can the Glass pod be shipped in Europe? How much will it cost to buy?

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      Hint: Look at their court history.