Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Choosing a shed (US) - McKie Roth Design

McKie Roth Design provides building plans for early New England style homes built during the 18th and early 19th centuries with practical floor plans and contemporary building methods. As owner McKie Wing Roth, Jr says: "I strive for lasting appeal through order, pleasing proportions, the use of natural materials, and the avoidance of excess and opulence." Pictured is their garden office model Barbara's Garden Studio with clapboard siding, a cedar shingle roof, and small-paned windows. The garden office has space for tools, storage and general shedworking or as the company delicately says, "enough room for afternoon tea with a guest". The building measures 6'-8" by 12' and is built with a plywood floor over joists anchored to 6 x 6 skids hidden by flat granite stones, laid up to simulate a foundation after the building is positioned and leveled.

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  1. Lovely looking buildings I think those Americans have finally cracked the British shed design