Friday, May 23, 2008

Around the shedworld

World Shelter's U-Dome (above) is attracting lots of attention at the Milan Triennale (lots more photos at designboom)... Chief Home Officer catalogues his friends and discusses the cult(ure) of the homeworker... Home Office Warrior has some twittering advice... Jetson Green highlights the awardwinning Ab┼Źd (below), designed as a low cost and high quality home in a box, but equally a shedworking structure in a box...A star at this year's Chelsea Flower Show was Real Life by Brett (below) designed by Geoffry Whiten, a beautiful retreat inspired by George Bernard Shaw's rotating writing hut (I know, I know, I missed another one...)And another was Midori No Tobira - The Green Door, built mainly out of moss (below)...Go and hear Enterprise Nation's girl of the moment Emma Jones speak at Waterstones on May 28 in London... and don't forget to go and share your shed...

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