Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shed art - In The Shed

Another entry in the 'sheds in art' category, this time from Melbourne, Australia, where, as part of their In The Shed installation, Moth Design asked eight 'creative thinkers' to give a twist to the idea of the suburban shed in the city's Federation Square. As they say: "In The Shed will serve as a reminder, a conversation and a metaphor for suburbia, community and the great Australian dream." Each DIY flatpacked shed was placed on the steps of the square "glinting in the sun, perfectly spaced, egalitarian in their very nature, just like the visible houses alongside the freeways as you head out of the city". They continue:
"Each shed appears the same from theoutside. However, as you open each door, you glimpse a private moment in the life of the owner. Contents and meaning vary: from build-your-own DIY icons, drills and other building tools that are flat-packed and ready to be constructed to a set of cards, for a DIY life, with instructions for every element of your life. Each interior represents a different in terpretation of DIY culture, past and present."
As an example, below is Stuart McFarlane's DIY Rocking Chair which "investigates the experience of DIY production as value. Formalized as a rocking chair kit, this product encourages individual (open ended) results through a self governing construction and finishing process... Its value as an object is not determined by its form or materiality, but in the journey the user undertakes to complete the object. In many ways this product contrasts homogenized furnishings and replaces it with a model of individuality and personality…an object to value."A Bill Kratz spot.

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  1. lots of people talk like Stuart McFarLane in Melbourne. It's why I don't live there.