Friday, May 30, 2008

Cabanes de Jardin - part 1

There are some lovely imaginative examples of cabanes de jardin (French sheds) from an exhibition at the Parc de Bagatelle, as detailed at L'Atelier Vert - Everything French Gardening who argue that:
"there simply is no exact English translation for the French cabane. "Cabin" has a different connotation in English. "Garden shed"--with its overtones of dusty storage--just doesn't do justice to the esprit of the French cabane, which is part get-away, part nature-hideout, part playhouse--but especially a place with a sense of secrecy and even magic, a place to fantasize and dream."
Pictured above, a nice twist on a classic look with glass roof panels, and below the cabane secrète, built from moss and branches. L'Atelier Vert continues:
"The exhibit does a good job of leading you to reflect on the roles the garden cabane plays with respect to the human spirit. Rooms are dedicated to "refinding oneself," shelter, the desire to build, the desire to escape, to dream, and to tell a story."
Well worth a browse, as is the rest of the site, especially those of you with a particular interest in France.A Bill Kratz spot

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