Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Outhouses - Corporate Outhouse

This is probably the most popular image of an outhouse on the interweb, though I can't track down exactly where it's located.


  1. I think it may be photoshopped

    One of my sheddies put it up years ago as there shed.... but they just grabbed it from the interweb

  2. Yes, I think it may be too, but it's too good to miss!

  3. The Garden Monkey recommended we visit - so here I am.

    But I usually avoid your photos. (Fun though they are.)

    My shed is disintegrating. The felt is torn. The wood is flaking away. I can afford neither to mend it nor replace it.

    This site pulls at my heart.

    I can't look.

    Esther Montgomery

  4. Oh dear Esther, that's the saddest comment anybody's ever left on the site. Might it not be possible to salvage some free wood from a skip and use that to patch it up?

  5. Not unless I can find a way of mending it with bits of old fridges and broken kitchen-cupboard doors.

    I've gone for a 'deep in dense forest atmosphere' - so it's covered in Rambling Rector and partially obscured by bay and honeysuckle. They'll have to be hacked back before I can attempt a rescue - a quarter of my garden.

    (Which isn't really big enough for dense forest.)

    (Which is why I made it look as if it is one!)