Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Outhouses - solar powered privies

Two examples of solar-powered composting outhouses today. First, a privy on the Mt. Whitney Trail which was removed in spring 2007 (photo by Jeff Brewer). And another in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (photo by David Metsky).


  1. At Probus today a man speaking about North Riding (Yorkshire) dialect told us about the lady who wished to stay at a Farmhouse on the Moors but asked about the W.C facility. The farmers up there call them "two-hole closets" so he went and asked the local Minister what a W.C. was and the Minister, naturally enough said "This Lady is obviously a Methodist and is asking where the Wesleyan Chapel is" So the farmer wrote to the lady on these lines ( i write from memory)
    The nearest WC is 17 miles away at the bottom of the hill in the middle of the wood. Unfortunately it is only open mornings on Tues, Thurs but is available three times on Sun. It has 80 seeats and although my wife and I have not been able to go for about 8 weeks,I am sure they would welcome you. Sunday is the best day to go as they provide an organ accompaniment.

  2. I'm not entirely happy with you 30york. I can't get any work done this afternoon, because I'm laughing so hard!

    Thanks for the comic interlude.

    Bill Kratz