Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Daybed shedworking (and shedcycling)

Regular readers will be aware of Shedworking's pet delights (rotating garden offices, interesting bookshelves, strange workdesks/chairs) and here's a welcome addition, the Daybed from Humanscale Design, made of 10% recycled materials and 95% recyclable materials, with non-fabric components constructed of aluminum, steel, and polycarbonate. Their goal was to come up with "a comfortable, ergonomic home workstation solution in a contemporary visual design to complement home d├ęcor". Apparently it's:
"designed with total comfort in mind and may be easily adjusted to suit users of virtually any stature for light home office use. The reclining backrest keeps the upper body and spine healthy and relaxed while the attached ottoman slides upward or downward to accommodate users of different heights. Daybed’s high back curves around the user’s head to provide neck support and privacy, while built-in speakers positioned at ear height may be connected to a laptop computer or other peripheral device. While reclined, the backrest also supports the elbows, reducing stress in the arms and shoulders."
Humanscale have also come up with the Ciclu which combines a personal computer with a stationary bike so you can burn off calories while reading Shedworking. I know which one I like best.Via Born Rich who also have a rundown of the 10 swankiest workstations(some of them already profiled on this site)

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