Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fred the Shed

Shedworking regular Tom Reader has just had a new Henley garden office installed, a Liberty with a hip roof. The shed - in which Tom will be writing barcode software - has arrived just in time after a 10 week wait for planning permission as the Readers are expecting a new baby any second now and Tom's former office is now being rapidly converted into something more toddler-friendly. "As sheds go, it really is a very good one indeed," says Tom. "It combines the benefits (on a day like this) of being in the garden, with the feel of being in a real building when the door is closed. It's certainly at least as soundproof to any external noise as my old 'office' in the spare bedroom." More photos at Tom's Flickr site.

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  1. Alex, thanks for dropping by my blog! I only wish I had room in my London garden for one of these on your site. I'll try to make sure I write something and take a photo about my "Vineyard Shed" when I get there this July. Cheers!