Saturday, May 03, 2008

Writers' rooms: Simon Gray

We've mentioned The Guardian's excellent Writers' Rooms series several times before but I see no reason why we shouldn't do so again as it's the most human of all looks at home offices on the internet. Here is Simon Gray's. I particularly like the conclusion to his description of it.
"I suppose I should attempt to explain the scattered garments and shoes - the reason that they're there is that I tend to use my study as my dressing-room, and the reason that they're scattered about is that this is my room and I can do what I bloody like in it."
I don't believe that there are any more shedworking spaces since Martin Amis' entry although Simon Armitage says his is above a garage so that sounds promising. What is interesting is how many writers work in an attic or in the highest room in the house.

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