Monday, June 04, 2007

Telework Association petitions the PM

The folk at the TA are hoping for more luck than we had with our petition for National Shed Week and are asking for backing for their new petition in favour of flexible working which you can sign up to here. This is what they say: "All the research and case studies (including government initiatives) over the last two decades indicate that flexible working provides significant business benefits to organisations as well as a better quality of life for individuals. It could also be a more effective and popular way of reducing congestion and pollution than road pricing.

"There is no ‘one size fits all’ that could be implemented by government targets or legislation, but there is plenty that government could do to educate and inform, to support and encourage, and to publicise and promote flexible working so that individuals, organisations and UK plc can reap the benefits. This is why we have just started our e-Petition.

"It is not about being for or against road pricing, it is about being FOR changing the way we work so that everyone benefits and so does our environment. Individually employees are for it, unions are for it, even ministers are for it, but somehow getting widespread acceptance into organisational cultures is proving elusive, perhaps because the government, misguidedly perhaps, insists on pigeon-holing it as being about employee rights and carers rather than about the wider benefits."

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