Monday, June 11, 2007

Win a night in the m-ch (micro compact home)

As part of the Festival of Extreme Building in Birmingham this summer, you can win a night's stay in the m-ch as featured on this site. To enter click here. The m-ch - pictured here on site - is very much the centrpiece of the project which brings a variety of interesting experimental structures to the city. To find out more about the m-ch itself, go to its very own website here.


  1. well I have entered! be a good shed week thing to stay in there! or maybe yobs would tip it over?

  2. So have I, although to be honest I was hoping the competition prize was one to take away. I think they'd need to be pretty strong yobs.

  3. Well it is Extreme Building in Birmingham, so maybe there is an Extreme Body Building in Birmingham conference at the same time.