Thursday, June 07, 2007

Choosing a shed - Vivid Green

Just up the road from Shedworking HQ is Harpenden-based Vivid Green. Their main model is The Penthouse, a five-sided garden office with nearly 10 square metres of floor space, although the modular approach means you can have bigger sheds with up to 45 square metres. The prototype Penthouse used a post and beam construction with 60 mortice and tenon joints resulting in a structure with lots of exposed beams and pegs inside: an alternative is now being designed which uses Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS). Vivid Green's motto is'building for life' which reflects their stated aim "to make design choices which have long term benefits for the environment and provide space which is easy and comfortable to live with". In effect this means an interesting building with minimal environmental impact (minimally processed materials sourced from the UK, maximum use of passive solar gain plus shading in summer, high levels of thermal and noise insulation, minimal waste of materials). Very honestly director Neil Johnston admits that one of his key principles has already been compromised with many of the key elements of the structure being sourced from overseas (e.g. windows from Denmark, insulation from Germany, flooring from France,underfloor heating from Sweden) but he is keen to work with UK suppliers so please contact him for more information. Vivid Green will also help convert your existing garden building into something more shedworkable.

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