Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - my shed

This week's eye candy is my shed where Shedworking and The Shed magazine are produced. I'd be delighted to put up other, short, videos of your shedworking experience (and I'm sure they'll be less shaky than me holding up my MacBook Pro in the garden and trying not to wiggle too much). If you'd like to contribute, you can email me here
Several of you have asked me to describe what you're seeing above. Well, it's a Homestead Timber Building, Marlow model, now nearly four years old, at the bottom of my garden. I'm walking towards it from my house, holding my laptop which contains the camera shooting it. To the left is a nice apple tree from which I brew my own organic cider and at the far end is a small, woodland-type area where we've also added a titchy pond. Those of you interested in gardening might be able to spot some favourites (delphiniums, foxgloves, lupins, etc) although I think the vegetables and fruit (corn, rocket, strawberries, courgettes, etc) are out of sight. In front of the shed I'm growing a small box hedge. Inside the shed you get a brief glimpse of the bookcases, my desk and the view from the window. Music comes courtesy of the birds in the garden (there is a birdbox right by the shed where bluetits have been nesting this year) and Claude Debussy, Arabesque number 1.


  1. Alex Nice to see your shed moving (or is it the camera!)

    Given me the wossname to get my cine out of the shed.


  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    What shaky hands you have, shedworker!

    Some words to accompany the tour would be nice.

  3. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Yes, holding a laptop with a camera in it was not, on reflection, the best way to trial out this new service from blogger. Will add some words...