Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gypsy carvavan - shedworking in colour

A nice piece by Adam Edwards in the Telegraph looks at the delights of owning a gypsy caravan which of course has great potential for shedworking. There's a good quick history of gypsy caravans but for more, go to the excellent Gypsy Waggons site where you can see a fantastic selection of readers' waggons similar to's gallery, as well as a variety of background articles, appeals for help in tracking down stolen waggons, and details for dealers/craftsmen. Also try Gypsy Caravans where you can buy one: as they quite rightly say:

"These highly decorated gypsy caravans are ideal for many uses. As an office away from the main house they're cosy, warm, water-proof and away from the kids! As an extra bedroom to the house they are perfect. For the artist or writer, they offer peace and tranquility with warmth and light. last but not least, back a horse into one and take off for life on the open road. Nothing arouses that magical feeling that a gypsy caravan does."

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  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Hi nice waggon have just built one in my garden in devon. Hope to get a horse in the new year and hit the drom. all the best dave treeman