Friday, June 15, 2007

Daily Mirror gets behind National Shed Week

As we get closer to National Shed Week, the coverage is starting to really gather pace. Wilco at the Shedblog reports that the Daily Mirror is planning a double page colour spread devoted to the country's finest sheds. Mirror journalist Matt Roper says he is looking for people who have turned their sheds into something unusual (such as a church, pub, temple, observatory, solarium, etc) - they'll come and take a picture of the ones they like best and have a quick chat with the owners. So please send Matt an email with your contact details by clicking here.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I'm fascinated by the shedworking trend in the UK. Why hasn't this caught on in the US? Permits? Small backyards? Your blog is a daily visit for me. Thanks !

  2. The sheds have changed over the years, mine is 10years old and has a name the frogncat pub and it brings so much fun to my life and friends. take a peek. mr fnc.