Monday, June 25, 2007

Mary's Greened House Building Adventure

Mary's Greened House Building Adventure is a great new blog by Mary M. Matthews who lives in Athens, Georgia. At the moment she's tentworking (as pictured) but Mary wants to build the greenest possible garden office in her back garden (it's perhaps more than a 'back garden' but the concept is the same). It's early days yet but she's got a builder on board and a very strong idea of what she wants:
* built into the hillside with south facing windows (i.e. essentially it's a cave) with passive solar in the winter for warmth and generally marvellous insulation
* green roof
* concrete walls
* composting toilet
* solar powered radiant heating to keep floors "toasty warm in winter, cool cool cool in summer"
* recycled cork flooring
and my personal favourite
* retractable porch roof to keep things cool in the summer

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one and hopfully posting pictures as it all comes together.

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