Friday, June 15, 2007

Sonic Sheds starts today

The Sonic Sheds project, part of Architecture Week, starts today. Essentially, there's a shed in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a shed under the Westway flyover next to Portobello Market in London. Between them is what the organisers describe as an "acoustic wormhole". They will be transmitting the sounds surrounding them to each other until June 24 so God's Own Country will appear live in London while the Big Smoke will drift into the Yorkshire countryside. Each shed is decorated with plant life and digital projections of architectural photographs of the sites. And for some reason I can't quite fathom, the floors have also been turfed. Sonic Sheds is a collaboration between Resonance FM and Amenity Space with support from The Royal Institute of British Architects, Architecture Week and, last but not least, B&Q. This is what Resonance FM have to say about it all:

"Radio infiltrates multifarious architectural spaces, and transmission itself is shaped by the affect architectural and geological forms have upon the path of an FM signal. When we broadcast a field recording we transmit the spectral presence of one architectural space into the physical dimensions of another architectural space and we can even do this in realtime. Its a peculiar form of projection. Especially in sheds."

More details here.

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