Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bletchley huts rescue package announced

As reported in The Independent today by Andy McSmith, Bletchley Park has been awarded a grant by the National Lottery of £460,500. There's still a long way to go - which is why it will be the focus of fundraising efforts as the main charity for National Shed Week 2010 - but it's a great start. As Andy says: "Combined with other money coming in, including grants from English Heritage and Milton Keynes Council, it should be enough to save Bletchley's famous out-buildings."
The trust's director, Simon Greenish, said yesterday: "This award means we are past the critical first stage towards a grant that will allow us to regenerate the museum, restore the huts and refocus the rest of the site."
The video above from HEXUStv features Oliver and Sheila Lawn: Oliver worked in Hut 6 with Alan Turing and Sheila was a short code expert.

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