Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Tiny Shed Challenge (lecture)

Showcasing unique and site-specific shed designs, this talk inspires people to think beyond “off the shelf” solutions and take design back into their own hands. On display will be design concepts for sheds that might fall under the no-permit-required guidelines for San Francisco. Based on parcels indicative of the neighborhoods they are designed for, the designs will be site-specific, built of reclaimed & re-used materials, and they will be—of necessity—off the grid. The designs will also be envisioned for execution through collaboration with a host of local artisan/craftsmen who bring unconventional and unique visions to the project.
September 27, 11am
$15 AIA Members | $25 Nonmembers
Flora Grubb Gardens, 1634 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco
Part of the Architecture and the City Festival. More details and booking here. A must for anybody in the area.
Photo from Pallet Project

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