Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bizarre shed story of the week

Part of being a good neighbour is keeping an eye on someone's house or watering the plants while they're away. But one couple have been left fuming after coming back from a sunshine break to discover their back garden had been taken - and the culprit was apparently their next-door neighbour. Linzi and Phil Wood claim a path, rockery, plant pots, hanging baskets and even a £600 garden shed they built are now in Brian Johnson's once scruffy, overgrown garden. Mr Johnson was not available for comment yesterday.
The Woodhouses reported the disappearance of their garden to the police. Though the crime did not appear to require the expertise of Special Branch, or even the cultivation of an informant — a grass, as it were, to help them to locate the missing garden — there was still some dispute last night as to how the garden had come to reappear next door. Brian Johnson, 40, the couple’s next door neighbour, claimed that he had been led down the garden path by a third party who sold him the plants, the rockery, the shed and, indeed, the garden path itself for £220.
The Times
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