Monday, September 28, 2009

Choosing a shed - Court & Hunt

We're back in shepherd's hut country with the lovely offerings from Kent-based Court & Hunt. As they quite rightly point out on the web site, "the once humble shepherd’s hut has enjoyed something of a renaissance. No longer a simple shelter for the shepherd while he tended his flock, they are now enjoying a new incarnation as romantic, unique garden rooms." Each C&H hut is built along 19th century design guidelines with all joinery and metalwork made in- house from locally sourced and environmentally sustainable materials such as Ecowool insulation (even the newly cast wheels are made from recycled cast iron). Optional extras include day beds (nice) and wood burning stove. There's a lot more information about the construction on the site. Typical dimensions: internal - 3.66m long x 1.78m wide x 2.0m to the highest point of the arched ceiling; external – 3.80m long x 2.25m wide (wheelbase width) x 3.0m high.

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