Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Energy assessment: The Garden Room Co

The Garden Room Company provides an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with all its garden offices. As they point out, buildings produce nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions so it's an important issue. Here's what they say about their efforts:
"Independent assessment of both The Mono and The Duo range of garden rooms, using the governent's SAP model, shows that our buildings perform very well, both in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact. All our building are predicted to achieve a "C" rating for energy efficiency and a "B" rating for environmental impact (CO2).

"The scale runs from "A" to "G", with "A" being the highest rating. As a comparison, the average UK home only achieves a "D" rating. The reason we are able to achieve such impressive energy and environmental ratings for our garden rooms is that we insulate the entire "building envelope" (roof, walls and floor) with thick insulation. Also, we fit argon filled double glazing in our doors and windows and use low energy lighting."
To see the predicted assessments for the two models, click here.

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