Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Roof Shed of the month

The Green Roof Shed of the Month slot at Green Roof Training features the work of the admirable Michael 'rammed earth Eco Shed' Thompson. It's well worth a read if you're thinking of installing one on your own garden office, especially since Michael recounts how he solved a major problem when it started raining... Here's an excerpt:
For a bit of variety and to attract a wider range of wildlife we also planted grass, wild flowers and most recently thyme – all of which are taking longer to get established and need more care but will hopefully prove to have been worth the effort by this time next year.

Quite a talking point are a couple of old horses skulls up there (each with a neat bullet hole in the top) that we salvaged whilst cleaning out a redundant cess pit in the garden which we now use for rainwater harvesting. Along with some gnarly decaying logs Bridget has used them to create a ‘skull-pture’ which will hopefully provide the perfect habitat for all sorts of mini beasts!’

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