Friday, September 04, 2009

Cool Blue Shed

Why is a blog like a shed? Here's one answer by the author of the very pleasant blog Cool Blue Shed (recommended by The Garden Monkey) as he considers his own output:
"This blog is increasingly beginning to feel like a virtual version of a real life shed. A place to potter about. A place to think."
In similar vein, I'd be interested in hearing what your garden offices and sheds mean to you, what they offer, what they provide that other buildings cannot.

Meanwhile, do have a look around Cool Blue Shed which is a pleasure. Here's the lovely explanation of how it started, very appropriate for shedworkers:
"This site came about after Hippy Chick and I started to spend more time pottering about outside, turning our garden into something more than just an empty back yard. I started to see how it was possible to create a environment which simply makes you happy, how it’s possible to be selfish and to do it just for you (us). And I realised how much I love greenery and how much a lack of greenery depresses me."

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