Monday, September 21, 2009

Bedroom shedworking strategy

There's a really intriguing post at The Improvised Life (which encourages people to enjoy life more by improvising in the broadest possible sense) about a shedworkingesque approach to working in the home, more specifically the bedroom - pictured above is a fabulous example of the possibilities, a cubicle designed by Marcel Breuer. Here's an excerpt:
IS there a way to have an office AND a bedroom, in one large room? I’ve always thought I had to corral the office into a small space and hide it somehow. But a neat little office like the kind you see built into a closet in shelter magazines won’t work for me anymore. I need a couple of pretty large work tables and room for files and printer. I’m wondering if maybe I’ve been going about it the wrong way. Maybe I need to give over most of the bedroom to work space, and devise a cocoon-like bed to shelter me from the office vibe.
Well worth a look.

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