Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WURK: it hûske - toiletworking

Designer Jurjen van Hulzen has come up with this rather natty shedworkingesque design to cope with people who find it hard to concentrate at work with all the Facebook, Twitter, etc, distractions, what he calls 'non-work'. And here's his solution:
"There is a place on every office already where people can non-work legally: the toilet. I have obtained this space from its existing context and redesigned it as an micro-architectonic object in the form of `it Hûske' (toilet). The `non-work' has been legalised and facilitated in it Hûske: the mobile hiding place in which people can take a rest. It Hûske doesn't have one clear function but welcomes everyone for a little moment of non-work. In the insipid and serious office the Hûskes are a welcome spot, with their filial and playful approach: more pleasure on the working floor, less stress. The consequence: a more productive office."
I like it.
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1 comment:

  1. Hello there, I actually just sold three of those little houses. I've built two other hûskes, one for making phonecalls and one 'rocking' house. I'll send shedworking some photos, they're coming soon! thanks for the post.