Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mobile shedworking: The Buddy Desk

For shedworkers on the move, here's the answer to all your problems...
The Original Buddy Desk was designed to be a mobile office workspace and laptop mount for sales people, real estate agents, service technicians, law enforcement officers, and soccer moms or dads traveling in their vehicle from destination-to-destination. It is easily installed and ready for use in just seconds. The Buddy Desk can be used as a laptop computer mount, a lunch table or a writing surface.

To install the Buddy Desk, simply insert the narrow end of the desk into the bottom portion of the steering wheel. The narrow portion will rest against the steering column. When finished, just remove and store away until the next stop.
I particularly like the disclaimer...
The Buddy Desk should only be used while your vehicle is parked with the engine turned OFF. Do NOT mount the Buddy Desk to steering wheel while the vehicle is in Motion.


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  1. it doesn't look like they have taken ergonomics in to consideration. very awkward arm and hand positions.