Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How to keep cool in your garden office: the shedosphere speaks

With temperatures set to rise in the UK even further on Thursday, I asked the good shedworking folk on twitter if they had any advice for keeping cool in the shed on a very hot day. Here's what they suggested...
@rosiejam my tip for keeping cool in your shed is to get a fan and sit next to it and don't move!

@Workshopshed Not that it help you much but I wonder if the rammed earth construction helps in the heat?

@wildlifegarden have you got a green roof yet??

@Workshopshed Thinking solar powered fans but not sure where to get them from

@Loiscarter Build shed underground?

@benlocker Give your shed a roof of palms and turn it into a sukkah:

@sm9 You mean you're not working whilst naked? I thought everyone did that? ;-)

@othello place a bucket/bowl of cold water under your desk, and put your feet in. bliss!

@oddjones paddling pool

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