Friday, July 17, 2009

Vivid Green looking for holiday lodge partner

Low energy building specialist and garden office supplier Vivid Green is looking for innovative leisure companies to help design an ultra low energy holiday lodge. "As well as reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable environment for guests, the low energy/off-grid approach offers leisure companies the opportunity to extend their season at marginal cost," says VG's director Neil Johnston.

"At the extreme there is the potential to deliver very comfortable accommodation which is entirely off-grid but we accept most organisations will not want to go that far. However a building of this type could slash energy costs by 80-90% and, with the right renewable technologies, reduce or eliminate the cost of installing utilities”.

Using the ‘Passiv Haus’ standard as a guide, the company is confident it can heat a lodge of 50 square metres with no more than 1kW and reduce heating bills to less than £30 a month. Companies interested should contact Dr Johnston at or 01582 469076.

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