Thursday, July 09, 2009

Simon Draper, Citysol & Shedworking book preview...

You can get a sneak preview of the Shedworking book (Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, out next June) over the weekend in New York at Citysol thanks to Simon Draper from Habitat for Artists (it's not the one above, that's a previous work from Simon to give you the idea). Here's what he says: "
"The Habitat for Artists project is placing one of their six by six habitat studios close to the banks of the East River at 23rd Street for this event. The small studios are made from largely recycled and reclaimed material and artists also reuse their own work to clad the exteriors, art as material for shed building. In recognition of the repurposing of space as a creative outlet and also being a cost effective method of finding "new " space for numerous activities I thought it only fitting to celebrate National Shed Week and the Shed in all it's guises.

"As art becomes exterior cladding for the habitat studios I thought so too could the images of sheds. Having created grids of 'tiles' for artists to collaborate on and covering the sides of many of the studios I thought it would be wonderful to pay homage to the larger activity that is shedworking, creating a 12 by 12 inch grid a side of a studio with 48 images of other sheds.

"Alex has gladly provided a stock of images for us from his forthcoming book. But how to pick just 48? Alex had told me there were around 200 images to choose from but having funds and time only for one side I chose a systems approach which was also prone to the individual at the computer who randomly decided if there was one she preferred. The selection was done choosing every fourth one. No judges, no long discussions, no committees. The effect is stunning and the mix is a real statement of individual needs and character, a shed aesthetic. There are modern and minimal, rustic and true utilitarian follies all extolling the shed virtue."
The studios will begin to be used by a variety of artists over the next few weeks and there will be a small footprint garden close by. Citysol is a celebration of urban sustainability and creativity in a mini music and arts festival which opens tomorrow and runs until Sunday. We'll put up photos on Shedworking of the finished product tomorrow...
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