Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Crowdsourced: New Shedworking HQ entry

Now here's a cracking idea - John Coupe from secrets-of-shed-building submitted a design for the new Shedworking HQ competition a couple of weeks ago. But then he decided to put it up on his own site and invite comments from his readers. "I received an avalanche of great advice," says John. "I have tried to incorporate all the readers suggestions into one design. You and they are the judges of how successful I have been. I hope that people find this an improvement over the mark 1 version and not the result of design by committee." Additions include a green roof, a glass wall and a porch.
With all the extra window area there was a concern over the solar gain and the shed heating up inside - so that is the reason for the porch. The porch also gives you somewhere to shelter as you fumble for your keys on a wet morning it would also accommodate a doormat to reduce internal mud! It is also a great place to sit out and chat with your visitors during nice weather such as we are having at the moment.
Well done to all those who contributed their thoughts including Greenboy, Kenny, Kate, Simon, Maria, Martin, Tim Baber, Andy, Lawrence, Uncle Wilco, Ben Cruz, John, Brian, Alastair, Ben Ellis Raymondo, Cegidfa, Paulbry, Metaxa and a few Anons. More details and images at John's site here.
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