Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recycled sheds

We frequently cover sheds and garden offices which have been made either wholly or partially from recycled/salvaged materials. But of course if you get lucky, you can get the whole thing in one bit. Shedworking reader Jon Sanders has written in with details of the start of his shedbuilding odyssey.
I have recently been very lucky as I have got totally free of charge a 28ft x 15ft workshop/shed! I got this from a local recycle site where people give things away rather than go to the landfill! I have to take it all apart and then transport and then re-assemble in my garden. The shed is already half down and made of wooden timber frame with corrugated plastic panels on the outside (doesn’t look as bad as it sounds) with two massive d/glazed windows and flooring to boot! I am currently concreting ‘Pads’ to accommodate the floor joists main beams ready for delivery and reconstructing.This workshop was originally a workshop for a carpenter (17 years since it was constructed) who used it to make his own kitchens in and fit, so it had saw benches extractor fans and all sorts in it at one time. It's absolutely huge.

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  1. You need to be careful transporting old plastic sheets as they can get very brittle from exposure to the sun