Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's the best way to move a shed?

Moving a shed or garden office is an issue which often arises. Sue Greenwood from Sweeble writes:
"Not sure whether any of your Shedworking readers can help with this – but any advice for us in trying to move our shed/office (basically spin it around and shift it to the opposite side of the garden)? So far we’ve had friends advising on a ‘Stonehenge’ approach (wooden rollers laid across the garden, strong ropes and slaves); the ‘Ikea’ approach (take it apart and pray it’ll go back together again) and the ‘Big Boys’ approach (hire a rugby team, pay them in beer)! Any other suggestions?"
There's also this possibility...

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  1. Take out anything from the inside that is easily detached, re-enforce the structure with diagonal bracing before trying to move it. A set of beams around the bottom like a bumper car's skirt would stop the floor from twisting. Then depending on the size, either lift or slide the structure to the new locations.

    If it's very heavy you could use airbags.

  2. We had to move one a number of years ago. we diconected it from its footings and then lots of friends and family stood inside and lifted it a few inches(or cm if you like that kind of thing) at a time. There was much laughter and swearing, and at one stage the shed did seem to flex and become a different shape. In the end we moved it to the other end of the garden and there was much cheering. By the way, does shedworking have a forums page?