Thursday, July 09, 2009

International Shed of the Year 2009 winner

Congratulations to Chuck Witmer of Silver Spring, MD, USA, whose The Shed is the winner of the 2009 International Shed of the Year (which by happy coincidence we featured earlier in the year). Here's what he says about it:
"The need for a woodshop/painting studio was unavoidable once we bought our own house and our family began to grow. I was building furniture out of our finished basement until we decided that the saw dust in the ducts was not the best for our lungs. My wife was painting out of the 3rd bedroom until we had our first born Eli which required the need for her space to become a guest room. I designed this accessory building to achieve the space necessary for the continued success of my wifes painting career and the passion to design/build and make furniture."
More photos of the build at Chuck's Flickr site and more details about the judging (I was part of the panel) at Shedblog.

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