Monday, July 06, 2009

National Shed Week: Design Shedworking's HQ winner

The announcement of Shed of the Year 2009 (including International Shed of the Year) will take place on Wednesday but in the meantime, here are the winners of the competition to design the new Shedworking HQ. I was delighted with the quality of the entries and how much thought people had put into them - pat on the back time to all of you for your hard work. But in the end I've picked two. My favourite design was the floating office above from Paul at Roomworks - the idea of working on water has always appealed to me and as I now have a river at the bottom of my garden, it's at least technically possible. And on a topical note, I've given a special prize for Best Design in the Spirit of National Shed Week to the crowdsourced design by John Coupe, below - I liked John's original ideas, but I thought it was brave of him to open it up for comment to readers of his secrets-of-shed-building blog and then act on the many considered comments he received. So well done too to John and the many people who offered their advice.Perhaps this should be an annual competition?

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  1. Has John's design got a turf roof?

  2. lovely design - well done to all involved.... now Alex share the build online at ;)