Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden room: Nagoya House

We often look at ways of bringing the garden into your garden office, but here's a particularly fabulous one at a lovely house in Nagoya designed by Suppose Design Office and showcased on the superduper dezeen who say:
"The house, situated on a narrow plot surrounded by neighbouring houses, accommodates the client’s desire for a vibrant garden by including a landscaped “garden room” bordering the main living space."
And here's what the Suppose folk say:
"It was our intention to treat rooms and gardens as equivalent, and make the relationship between inside and out closer, by creating a design featuring this garden-like room so that things normally decorating a room such as art, books, and furnishings would in a way almost be thrust into an exterior space."
Lots more photos at dezeen.

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  1. Does this remind anyone else of adam & eve? LOL