Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Choosing a shed - Roost

Devon-based Roost is a new garden office supplier which has two very attractive, and very different, pod models. The rather snazzy Oval (above) is SIPs-built and clad in red western cedar with a green roof and sliding door. Inside there is Dalsouple rubber flooring.The Aluminium (below) has a similar spec but with an aluminium cladding and includes a tiny kitchen.They also offer a bespoke service. Below is the Stealth. Here's what Roost designer Ben Huggins says about it:
"The slightly unusual shape of the garden leant itself to something angular and immediately conjured up images of ‘stealth’ technology, whereby the multi-angled surfaces on airplanes, boats and other vehicles make them virtually invisible to enemy radar."
Roost is keen to emphasise it's eco credentials - FSC timer, responsible insulation, the sedum roof, plus solar and wind power options.

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