Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heather Bestel - shedworking tip of the month

Don’t let the summer holidays ruin your shedworking schedule; here are my top tips for a happy homeworking holiday.

1. Let your children ‘work’ with you. Have an area in the corner of the shed with toys, books, drawing equipment etc, so that you can be prepared when the little ones come to visit you in your home office.

2. Work around their schedule. Organise important calls while they are taking a nap or at a friend’s house. Take time off to be with them during the day and catch up on paperwork when they’re in bed.

3. Explain to clients when they call, that your children are around. They probably already know you work from home, they will be even more jealous to hear that you have the work-life balance just right too.

4. Enjoy the flexibility. Remember one of the major benefits of homeworking is having more time with the family. They are only young once, so relish your time together.
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