Monday, August 06, 2007

Lifepod - futuristic shedworking

The Lifepod project is an ongoing development by Kyu Che, an interdisciplinary environment designer involved with architecture, design, and the visual arts, who describes it as: "The best of 21st century automotive, aeronautic, nautical, and RV technologies are utilized to create a simply assembled fully functioning high tech mini capsule for living." It's highly portable and inspired by both the traditional Mongolian Ger and mammals as the structural system is a "quadrupedal fuselage" with adjustable footings for uneven land. All the modular bits and pieces fit into a 40ft container. It proudly states it is very much off-grid. I particularly like the look of the Balipod pictured below.

Here's an inside shot.

And here's what it would look like if you owned a forest.

Thanks to been-seen who have a nice section called Go Cabin featuring lots of other shedlike atmospheres.


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM


  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    looks cool but not practical in any sense. why suspend it from trees?

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    awsome idea needs some work still but it could turn out good. it looks like it fold up and fit in my pocket that would be cool. it should come with a robot that serves the owner and brings him drinks and chips. i have one question were is the ladder to get to the one in the tree

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    the 1 in the treez iz axest by AT-ST

  5. Anonymous8:41 AM

    The idea is what counts, and I think it's pretty great idea. It would be great to be able to set down semi-permanently wherever, and not have much of an impact on the location. Like a tent.

  6. Yes, 7am buzzer. Buzz...Buzz.
    Climb from tree house. Sting yourself on nettles until you reach your transportation pod. Forget keys. Remember you live in a tree house and your Ewok wife who is sound asleep on bed of cabbages. Pod out of low calorie zoom fuel. Crack open the MV Augusta on 95 ron gas, snag guy-rope at base of tree. All belongings and Ewok wife sent to shed death. Just what you want.

  7. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I agree... "lame....." I could pack three or four standard built same sized modular homes in that same space on your 40 foot truck! this is nothing but a waste...

  8. Anonymous10:35 AM

    >set down semi-permanently wherever, and not have much of an impact on the location. Like a tent.
    >impact on the location. Like a tent.
    >Like a tent.

    It is tragic how crappy an idea this is.

  9. Beautiful design. The imbeciles commenting here have no real constructive input. Im sure they couldnt design a spice rack. Just ignore them. Love the idea of suspending it by the way.

  10. I am seeing increasing numbers of this sort of thing . But has any one seen one in real Life ?
    I would imagine they would have to be laminated to enable the Rounded end sections to flow into the structure .