Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - last day of design a shed competition

It's the last day of Line of Site's marvellous summer competition to design a shed which we've been following over the last month (here and here). Here's a final (and quite long) roundup - which has a strong green theme - of some of our favourite recent entries but there are lots, lots more in their gallery here including some imaginative reinventions of the shed. Pictured above is Phil O'Shaughnessy's The Garden Shed and below is Thidaa Roberts' The Vanishing Shed. Thidaa describes it as:
"An ideal shed studio would be a place where the space itself is an inspiring as well as private area. In order to hide the secret space, I designed the space to appeal to growing vines by having extrusions of ribbons for the foliage to grab onto. Over time this space will change and eventually vanish into its surroundings."

I was also intrigued by John Bridge's Seed Shed, below.

And by Carly Greenway's Re-tyre built from some of the 15 million waste rubber tyres that Britain produces every year, glazing some as windows, boarding others up and using others to grow plants.

I also liked the simplicity of Martin Ablett's Rethinking the Shed, below.

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