Monday, August 27, 2007

Portable architecture

An interesting article in The Guardian by Steve Rose looks at the rise of shedlike atmospheres or as he calls them "space-age cubes, rooftop pods, giant caravan cities and garden sheds you can practically live in". The piece features various shedworking favourites including the m-ch, Nils Moormann's Walden and the Loftcube, not to mention the Airstream. Rose comments that these buildings "suggest a shift in the relationship between architecture and nature, a renegotiation between the space we enclose for ourselves and the "outside"." He goes on to say:
"The trend towards mobile, lightweight, eco-friendly lifestyles is growing. Californian architect and academic Jennifer Siegal has even coined a term to sum it up: new nomadism. Architecture is currently one step behind, she says: "We're working and living in a very different way, and yet our buildings have remained static, heavy structures. Our cars are smart, our clothing is smart, our materials are smart and our buildings are still these heavy boxes."
Well worth a browse.

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