Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keeping your shed special

There were many great entries in this year's Shed of the Year competition, but one of my favourites was the one which came third pictured above in North Wales owned by John Hutchinson who very sportingly commented that the winner and runner-up sheds were "certainly splendid creations". He writes:
" Perhaps I should issue a challenge for the judges to have another look at the contenders in 100 years' time. My cedar shingle roof will probably have been replaced by then, but the rest of it should be mellowing in nicely. One of the factors in deciding to go for oak (apart from my chum Ron being an oakwright) was that it should last a few centuries, which makes it a good 'green' option. Softwood sheds that rot away in 20 years even if they are doused with preservatives aren't a good choice, in my view."

Despite owning this lovely shed, John (a journalist) does not work in it and indeed banned items include televisions, mobile phones, laptops and all work related paraphernalia. "Although I work from home and The Shed would make a superb office," he says, "I am sticking with my decision to keep it a work free sanctuary (no phones or PCs allowed over the bridge). The moral is that home workers need sheds because they keep us sane!"
You can find out more about it on John's own site here.

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  1. Its a great shed and the build quality is first class... very jealous really.

    maybe he can hire it out for sheddies to relax in..