Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lighthouse sheds

If you're a frustrated lighthousekeeper, how about a lighthouse garden office? The Lewisberg-based Lighthouse Man site has a vast range of lighthouse-related items, including sheds (and playhouses) such as the 25' Lighthouse Tower in Cape Hatteras Stripe pictured left or the 18' Lighthouse Tower with playhouse and front porch pictured below. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and with various lighting options (you can have a conventional 60 watt bulb, a large revolving beacon or a 12V solar powered revolving beacon). The business has been up and running since 1997.

Here's what they look like inside.

Also take a look at Lighthouse Sheds. These have a domed roof with a copper finial cap, around 19ft high. The exterior is primarily curved but includes a few dodecagon elements as contrasting accents. There is a marvellous section on the site about how an early model withstood a tornado. Also take a look at this article at The Herald about a homebuilt lighthouse shed produced by David Addicott designed to withstand a hurricane and is powered by a 100-watt bulb that makes four revolutions a minute. It comes on at 7pm and lights the back yard until 1am each night.

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