Friday, August 31, 2007

Helena Bonham Carter to buy shepherd's hut

As reported in helena world via Camden New Journal, film stars Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are to enrich their Belsize Park home in London by adding a shepherd's hut to the back garden. The couple's architect Mark Beedle says in the planning application submitted to Camden's planners that it will be a “coach-built cabinet” and sit on “cast iron wheels”. The application says it would be an extension to a “child’s suite” inside the house but I suspect it might also double as an office once Tim sees how wonderful it is. Shedworking can exclusivly reveal (well, it's more of a well-educated guess) that the hut – if permission is granted – will be made by Devon-based The Shepherd's Hut Company , featured elsewhere on this site. Mark Beedle says in the application that the project would provide “a ­ legible counterpoint between new and old. The architectural intention is to enhance and ­contribute to the amenity of the setting by maintaining the ­tradition of eclectic expression in response to personal need.” Indeed.

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