Thursday, August 02, 2007

Modular building

Modular construction techniques are at the heart of most shedworker's daily architectural atmosphere. Of course these same techniques are equally applicable to housebuilding and in the US in particular, modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular (in the UK it's still a bit of a news story although IKEA's flatplack BoKlok homes may help dispel some of the stereotypes). One area where modular is of special interest is in rebuilding homes in disaster zones. Architects such as Sean Godsell have already come up with various ideas which resemble shedlike atmospheres and there is an interesting story on the Everything Alabama web site looking at how modular building has helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to prefabcosm for this, a very interesting blog which has the ambitious aim of creating the web's number one resource for prefab and modular homes. Certainly well worth a regular browse.

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