Monday, August 06, 2007

Fewer germs for homeworkers

Yet another survey backing up what we know already, that shedworking and homeworking is the way forward. This one from ntl: Telewest which ticks off most of the boxes (it improves job performance, enhances lifestyle and reduces environmental impact). More interesting were these other responses:
· 40 per cent said they made more of an effort to be green than their employer
· 39 per cent thought they would get ill less because they would be exposed to fewer germs
· 50 per cent that they would eat less pre-packed food if they work from home
Stephen Beynon, MD, ntl:Telewest Business, said:
"The home working revolution is continuing to gather pace in this country. The pressures of the rat race mean that many people want to work from home permanently or occasionally. As more employers make home working an option, so employees are recognising the impact that commuting and office environments have on our planet and on themselves. Equally, home working can be positive for employers. If your people work from home more, you’re likely to have a healthier and more productive workforce, as well as lower office overheads."

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  1. Yes, all very well, but do they have any advice for home workers on knuckling down to work, as opposed to indulging in compulsive browsing of the blogosphere?