Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looking for a shed on wheels

Shedworking reader Laura Geary writes that she is part of a not-for-profit team working to restore historic Sockburn Hall near Darlington (for more details click here). She has some money to spend on sorting out six months worth of accommodation and writes: "Rather than spend it on rent I'm looking for a small insulated shed (2.5 x 3m perhaps), ideally on a trailer base so that it can be moved, and with a sleeping loft so that I can base myself at Sockburn Hall. I'll use the washing facilities, etc already on site." A sketch of what she's after is pictured above. Anybody who can offer help, advice, or indeed a trailer shed can contact her via the Sockburn Hall website.


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  2. there is one on

    do a search for "O Sauna In Garden"

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    Not in the UK, but: